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Medical Residency Document Review

IMG Residency has designed new Residency Documents Preparation service. It involves our unique strategy on how to make your materials as close to perfection as possible.

Application Review Workflow

  • First, you come up with the draft of your documents. There is no need to focus on perfect grammar. We help you kick this process off by providing a general plan of a good PS and points to be reflected in your ERAS CAF.
  • Our team reviews your documents, makes necessary corrections and comments, asking for more facts, supportive statements, etc.
  • You make the changes based on our additional questions/comments again and we edit and give suggestions again.
  • We iterate through this process until we are both happy with the content.
  • Our writer makes final polishes in terms of English grammar and composition.

Application Review Package includes the following documents

  • ERAS Common Application Form (CAF)
  • Personal Statement
  • Cover letter, if you plan to email the programs
  • Follow up communication with the residency program after you apply
  • Post interview thank you letters
Personal Statement Review and Editing
$450.00   First specialty
$250.00   Second specialty
$150.00   Each additional specialty

One of the most frequently questions we are asked is "Can you write PS from scratch?"
Personal Statement Editing Team Yes, we can write a new PS for you. However, no writer can ever express your personality and come up with life situations to describe your passion for medicine as a whole and your specialty in particular as you would. Even if you are invited for an interview based on the Personal Statement written by somebody else, the mismatch will become obvious during the interview. Programs pay attention not only to the scores, but also to personal compatibility for their teams.
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