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Medical Residency Interview Preparation

Our Exclusive Interview Preparation Package is built on 8 years of experience and over 2,000 interviews. We are constantly reviewing client post-interview feedback. We collected and analyzed information from over 2,000 interviews and are ready to share all the "high yield" points with you. Medical Residency Interview Preparation

IMG Residency Interview Preparation Package

  • Face-to-face web interview with a professional coach. Provides you with the real-time Residency Interview Experience.
  • Detailed performance analysis after your interview. Identifies your strengths and weaknesses, what you need to work on, how your interview performance can be improved.
  • Audio and video recording of your interview session. Provides you a unique opportunity to listen to your speech after the interview. This is one of the best self-improvement tools.
  • Writing effective Thank you Letters and post-interview communicate with the program. Helps you follow up the program after your interview and stay in touch with the program.
  • Access to IMG Residency Interview Preparation E-book. Our e-book will provide you with all necessary tips for a successful Interview.
  • Unlimited E-mail/Phone consultations with your coach.

Pricing: $850.00

*Add-on Option:
Second face-to-face web interview session with follow up analysis. Price: $350.00

Are you IMG Residency Match 2019 subscriber? We are happy that our service helped you getting interview invitations. Ask for an exclusive discount for our Match 2019 Service subscribers!

Residency Interview Questions Do you know that: The program liked what they had seen in your application. Otherwise you wouldn't be there. Now is the time to prove that you are who you said you are in your Personal Statement and CAF. Your scores do not matter anymore. Now it is all about YOU: Your personality, Communication skills, and how good of a team player you are. Your best bet is to be YOURSELF!

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