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Brain Teasers, etc.

The most dangerous job in America is minding your own business , which will tend to get you beaten, robbed, stabbed, shot in the rear, hand, leg, chest, abdomen, groin, neck, and head apparently at a higher frequency than any other occupation.

This one is our favorite. It relates to medicine and physics at the same time.

Q: There are two guys (medical college students) standing on 3rd and 4th floor balconies. On the signal made by a third guy standing on the ground, they start yelling at each other. Who will hear the other guy's voice first, the one yelling from the 3rd floor or the one from the 4th?

A: Here is the answer

Q: Black and white socks (about stereotypes): You have 20 black and 20 white socks. All socks are in a box and you cannot see them. How many socks do you need to make sure you get to your residency interview in a matched pair?

A: Here is the answer

Q: Four interviewees and a two-seat car (breaks stereotypes): There are four interview candidates standing in a hotel hallway running late for their residency interviews. Evil Program Director provided them with a nice, sporty two seat Corvette (Mustang, BMW, pick one), but it is a two-seat car. Each candidate has different driving abilities. So, one guy needs 10 minutes to get to the hospital, another guy needs 5 minutes, the third guy needs 2 minutes, and the fourth one needs just one minute. Yet another obstacle made by the PD is that if there are two guys in a car, the slower one should drive. Can you come up with a plan on how to get all of them there in 17 minutes, assuming that the drive to the hospital takes the same amount of time as the drive to the hotel?

A: If you can only come up with an 19 min. solution, try again. The solution is very simple.

Q: When do the Match results become available?

A: Here are just some facts brought to you by a creative mind.
You may find some food for thought in the PDF files published in past years' matches. Prior to the 2005 match, a list of unfilled programs was published as a PDF file. If you open the file and go to File->Document Properties, here is what you are going to see:

List of Unfilled Programs 2004 3/11/2004   3:44:02 PM (Thursday, 4 days before the match)

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