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Just quotes

"I found a residency match for this July but it is preliminary so I will need to apply again for open pgy 2 next year so I might need to use this service again. I will definitely contact you if I do. Thank you for your help and talking with me during this stressful time."   04/12/2018

"I just finished my last interview! I strongly believe that your email rounds truly helped as I got a few extra interviews. So thank you for your service and specifically for your help and support Elen. I am happy you contacted me"   02/08/2018

"Near the end of this match season, I have got several interviews, and may end up matching to an advanced program.
I want to thank you for your help and taking care of my application!"   12/19/2017

"My son had 6 interviews from his applications and 2 interviews out of IMG mailing. By statistics, he has high chances of matching to a program. But it's better to be cautious and be prepared in any case.
Thank you!"   12/08/2017

"These are the most helpful emails you sent for which I am truly grateful. You are so kind and helpful. It seems that one family medicine and one psych programs got interested. Please wish me luck to get the position!"   03/31/2017

"Wonderful job with the application. I am completely happy with the results and overall presentation. I particularly like how all the information is integrated in one place, for the PD to peruse and review.
Thank you again!"   12/21/2016

"Thank you for your kind help. I am grateful I came across you. Desperite of my challenges, I think that your methodology is efficient, rather than merely giving me a list and spend money on ERAS blindly. "   11/29/2016

"THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! You are simply amazing."   10/07/2016

"I finally completed my personal statement with all the changes your team made. It sounds amazing, I really like it. I also attach my CV. I think I need major help on the CV. Tell your team they can rewrite the cv if they like, so far I am truly impressive by their work :)
thank you so much"   8/24/2016

"I MATCHED!!!! Yay!!!! I got three interviews this year and matched at my top choice family medicine. Interview 1: FM University of XYZ - I got this interview because of your emailing rounds caught the directors attention and he liked my application. Interview 2: FM at University of XXXXX - My friend helped me get this interview and this is where I matched. Interview 3: Psy University of YYYYYY - Got this interview via eras.
This year my dreams of being a doctor turned into a reality and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help last year and this year. Its been a pleasure working with you and thank you for you expert guidance. "   3/17/2015

"I will definitely recommend this prep site to some of my friends who are in need of it and can afford it. Thank you once again. "   5/27/2015

"Thank you for all your efforts. Unfortunately, I was unable to match. Nevertheless, you guys are truly awesome... The work you do is mentally strenuous and I commend your company. Thank you again. "   3/18/2015

"Sincere people. No false promises. Really know their business. U can trust them . Absolutely worth the money. Excellent job. "

"Service with honesty"

"Great, efficient service - they did exactly as they stated in their contract in helping edit my documents, creating a website with the information and mailing all the programs I requested. I'm glad I consulted IMGResidency when I needed help finding a preliminary medicine spot, and they seem they would be good for the main Match as well."

"I was so pleased with your service that I referred one of my friends to you. He was doing this after the match had passed and wasn't expecting any more than preparing for next year. He had an offer that he accepted from a program a few weeks after signing up with you. I am recommending your service to any and all of my friends. I would be happy to write a testimonial on behalf of this success."

"IMG Residency has been an extremely able guide and support for me and my wife during our hunt for residency positions in US. As we had not even completed all our steps at the time of applying, we needed someone who could put energy and effort on our behalf to get in touch with the programs (and we could continue studying)....IMG residency people did just that! It not only helped us get interviews from the most unexpected of places...we finally ended up getting matched at reputed programs normally without having to undergo the stress of scrambling! I personally feel that it is a very complete package which increases your chances of getting interview calls (and subsequently matching) manifold."

"Wonderful resource for stressed out img's. Will guide you through the process. Did everything possible to get a spot in the post match scramble and he did!Use imgresidency-have full confidence! thank you!"

"I failed twice the Step 1, and pass first attempt CK, CS I apply to 100 programs through ERAS, one interview, I was offer the Anatoly services, before the MATCH I didn't get MATCH, but after Anatoly's service I was offered two positions one as a preliminary at University program in NY, internal medicine second offer as categorical at Comminity base in NY, internal medicine i was with a few fears about the which program i should be take, and i received again Anatoly's wisely advice, and botton line i have my residency opportunity"

"The first time I entered in the match I only had one interview I didn`t match and the scramble was terrible, with IMG residency I got 5 interviews and I matched. Retrospectively if you pay XXXX US dollars for a 70 % chance of having 4 , 5 interviews and match the money worths it. "

"IMG residency did an excellent job, I got a position in internal medicine during match. I am very happy with the service. Thank you"

"Thank you for your advice on application improvements after last year unsuccessful scramble. As result, I have matched this year. During stressful time of residency search I felt more secure and supported because of your service."

"I have matched in Family Practice in XYZ. It has been a wonderful experience with your service, which is highly recommended. My success is directly led by you. Thank you so much. "

"Whatever the outcome of this match i wanted to tell you that if you want you could use my email to give as reference to future candidates you have been very helpful"

"By the way I never got to express my gratitude for what you did for me.  I truely am greatful to you and your service for doing the things you guys did for me last year, and I simply don't have the words to thank you."

"I want to thank you all for the honest care you provide your clients and I was lucky to choose your service to help me in the match from the beginning."


"Once again, thank you very much for all your help. If you need me to write a feedback for you website or other things, please let me know. I will be very happy to do it. Anyway, I will post a very good feedback about your website to all websites I know."

"I am pleased to inform you that I successfully scrambled into a PGY-1 position in general surgery today. I believe that my appointment was largely a result of the initial emailing that went to all surgery programs prior to the match. Thank you for providing this crucial service. Cheers."

"I just wanted do drop you a last e-mail thanking you for the services you offer.  I really don't think I wouldn't have gotten a spot in this scramble period if it wouldn't have been because of your extraordinary effort.  Thanks once again for everything and please apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused during this process."

"I'm very thankful to IMGresidency.they did everything they could and even applications got stuck in ERAS and got transferred to programs only the next day,otherwise i'm sure i would have gotten a spot. but i'm very satisfied with your service. "

"Service works. One phone call right when unfilled positions list came out."

"One hour and 26 minutes in and I matched to a university program!  They received your information, and were excited to hear from me."

"IMG residency did everything and even more than i hoped for. they sent out emails prior to the scramble so programs knew about me before scramble day. i got emails saying they are interested in me and i even got a pre-scramble interview one week prior. they interviewed me and now i will be doing residency there. if it wasn't for IMG residency i probably would not have a position today. I reccoment them HIGHLY, they always answered all my questions in a timely manner and they were easily accessible over the phone. Thank you IMG residency for all you hard work in helping me secure of position for residency!!!!! "

"I just wanted to let you know that i have a spot in XYZ Hospital. I want to thank you for all of the work that you've done for me. I really feel that if it weren't for your efforts I would not have gotten this position. Keep up the great work and thanks again."

"Thank you for all your help I was offered two positions within the first hour of the scramble. I am very happy with your service; you helped me not only to get a residency, but also helped me to prepare, interview, and deal with these offers given over the phone. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life and I HIGHLY recommend your service to anyone in need of help getting through the Match/Scramble process and/or someone who needs some good advice and support during this stressful time. Thank you again for your help and answering all my lengthy emails:) "
"I fully and wholeheartedly acknowledge your support. Last year, after my wife spoke with you, it helped us greatly in entering the battle arena again and go through this entire process. Your words of hope meant a lot at a difficult hour."

"I finally was able to secure residency position today. I would like to thank you and your team for helping me go through these very diffcult days. If you need will ever need a recommendation or positive feed back on your service I'll gladly do so."

"My school was supposed to providse support for students who have to scramble, unfortunately the only help they provide was a comment, "be ready to go."  You service has made this very stressful time easier to navigate.  You explanations of what do, with timelines have been very helpful."

> Bullet style:
> Went to XXXXXX for an interview,
> was offered a position right on spot, accepted,
> started my residency on January 1st, 2006. I am
> very, very happy. The hospital is one of the top 100
> in U.S. in general and one of the top 5 in
> cardiology. The program is excellent (that is why I
> accepted the position immediately), athmosphere is
> just great. After accepting the position, I had to
> finish my grand interview tour which included 11
> programs in 2 weeks. I was glad that I said yes,
> since none of the program was as good as this one.
> Having spent a month here, I like it even more.
> That is it for now. Sorry for being short and
> telegraphical, but I am post-call today.
> Thank you very much for all your help. You are
> doing an excellent thing for all IMGs.

03/15/2005 12:01PM "You may stop sending my application. I just got a position! What a great job you did!"

"I scrambled in Prelim. Surgery Univ. of XXXXXXXXX. You did a wonderful job and I am most grateful."

"Even though I did no receive a position this year because of Visa issues I would like to thank you for providing a good and honest service."

"Your efforts paid off!  A Pathology program out of XXXXXX called yesterday and offered me a position. Thank you so much for all of your help. Signing up with your service was the smartest decision I could have made and it took a lot of stress off of me during those critical hours.  I will recommend you to all future "Scrambler's" I come across.  Best of luck with everything and thanks again!"

"You have a pleasant way of doing business, deliver good service for a fee and provide free advice. I find your overall services very valuable and would be happy to testify to that effect."

"I got a family medicine residency at Univ XXXXXXX. Its a v good program and rated 2nd  in US, so am v lucky. Thanks again for u help. Take care."

"Thank you for your efficient, proffesional service for us.I am 100% sure that you made me to match this time, and I am so thankful for your service."

"I got the 6 calls from the program, and I have been interviewed by three and because I took the first offer, I had to say no to other 3 programs. I have not even got to apply though ERAS, since I was on the phone all the time, so I truely know that all those calls are from your work and dedicated work for me. I got the position, within a couple hours after noon on the Scramble day"

"I received a lot of calls during the first hour of the scramble, definitely more than 10 programs in the first hour alone.  I got the first call at 9:04 am pacific time, then it seemed like the phone didn't stop ringing for the next 2 hours.  some of the calls went straight to my voice mail as i can only take one call at a time.  This was actually problematic because some callers were simply asking preliminary questions to gauge me as an applicant while some were already calls for bona fide offers. I was fortunate in that all the calls i fielded turned into genuine offers so i had the luxury of actually waiting for the programs i preferred to call me.  All in all, the feedback i got was all positive. I matched around 40 minutes after the scramble started."

"I am very satisfied with the service.  You were very helpful and accomodating, and i would not mind recommending you at all by word of mouth or in message forums."

"I got like 6-7 phone calls. I got a position in FP. I'm very satisfied whit your services. Thank you so much for the services it's excellent."

"I got phone calls from at least 15 program director and one face to face interview, I accepted the offer from XXXXXXXX. Its a decent program an above all they will sponsor me an H1 visa, all other were j 1 visas sponsoring. Your services were great and probably I was not prepared for so many interviews over the phone and even missed few better programs."

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